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Review of Midland by Paranormal Romance Guild

A review of Midland has been posted by Paranormal Romance Guild.   You can find both the review and their website at the following link: http://www.paranormalromanceguild.com/reviewsscottalanwad.htm.   The full review follows:


Book:  Midland

Author:  Scott Alan Wade

Publisher:  Eternal Press

Genre:  Sci/Fi – Zombies

Rating:  YA

It has been ten years since the zombie apocalypse left the human race in shambles.  At night they come out, and humans lock themselves behind closed doors praying they make it through another alive.

Fifteen year old Sam, her twin brothers, her little sister, and her parents moved out of town to live in the mountains, where they hoped it would be safe.  Taking whatever they would need to set up a farm where they could live off the land, they made it to a place they called Midland Mesa.  Things started out well until her father died. Now her mother is very ill and dying.  Sam is now the adult and has to provide for and protect her siblings while trying her best to help her mother.

When all possible means of curing her mother fail, Sam makes a very dangerous decision. She will go to town and find medicine.  The night before she leaves, zombies attack and nearly kill her and one of her brothers.  Knowing she is leaving her young siblings on their own, Sam takes a horse and some food and heads for town.  She only has a map her father once drew for her. She has lived most of her life on the farm and only ventured into town once with her father when medicine was needed.

When she makes it to their nearest neighbor, people who also moved to the mountain like her family, she discovers everyone gone.  All she can do at this point is pray her family stays safe until she returns, and that she will find the medicine that will save her mother’s life.  Sam has no idea what she will be facing when she gets to town. All she has are some guns, which would save her if she were only fighting a few zombies. Unfortunately, there are always large groups travelling together.

In town, Sam discovers that there are no medicines available, everything has been taken.  Determined not to let that get her down, she heads out to find another place that may have what she needs.  It is while she is searching that she comes across Brandon Warner.  Brandon and his friend were driving a jeep when the car turned over, leaving Brandon’s friend dead and Brandon injured.  He informs Sam that he lives in a big box club with others, including his sister Ally.  There is food and medicine at the club, which he assures her they will share.  The only problem is the leader of this group, Priestly, is a power hungry young man who will not hesitate to get what he wants one way or another.

Before long Sam realizes that other than Brandon and Ally, she cannot trust the others and she couldn’t be more right.  Priestly has no intention of letting Sam go or giving her medicine and her only choice is to escape.  With Brandon and Ally’s help, she makes it out of the Club with Priestly and his gang right behind them.  Now Sam, Brandon and Ally are not just fighting zombies, but also a group of people who are determined to get them back. Can Brandon, Ally and Sam get away?  Can Sam find medicine to save her mother or is it already too late?  If Sam makes it back to the farm will she find her family safe?

I have read other zombie books, but I must say this one was amazing.  The tension and suspense leave you on the edge of your seat.  It isn’t often that a writer can get me so absorbed that I can’t put the book down until I find out what happens.  Sam is an exceptional young girl and brave beyond belief.  At fifteen, she has the responsibility that most adults would not be able to handle.  The end also left me surprised, but why I won’t say.  I highly recommend this book. It definitely has the WOW factor.

Reviewed by:   Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

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