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Bloodline is being published by Damnation Books on March 3, 2015.  With death and destruction, blood and chaos, it is much darker than Midland.  At 391 pages, its also much longer, but I think the characters will engage and intrigue.


The following is the blurb from the book’s cover.

There are monsters amongst us. Not things with fangs, pointed ears or claws, or any other Hollywood invention. These monsters have blended in, assimilating into society while still keeping to shadow and darkness. What better place for them to hide then under the neon lights of Las Vegas? They are strong. They are ruthless, and now they own the Eclipse Hotel.

Thomas Gage has worked at the Eclipse for years, diligently laboring at the front desk until one evening fate brings him to the attention of the hotel’s owner. Seduced with money and power, Thomas is drawn into their brutal world, functioning as their daylight emissary while protecting their dark secrets. He soon lives an idyllic and privileged life with the money, power, and trappings of a Vegas casino executive. Fate finally turns, luck changes, and the brutal hotel owner’s vengeful attention becomes focused on Thomas. Carnage and chaos erupt on the Las Vegas streets–and blood flows.

Ultimately, Thomas is pitted in a bitter struggle with not only his life but the lives of several others hanging in the balance. From its action driven beginning in a Vegas night club, through the violence and carnage that accompany the construction and lavish opening of a new hotel, to the fiery climax high atop a hotel tower, this story balances thrilling action, suspense and drama while intertwining themes of relationships: mentor to protégé, father to son, and brother to sister.

Bloodline will draw you in, and maybe, make you think twice about your next Vegas vacation.

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