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Wondercon Part Two

I had a great time meeting attendees at Wondercon in Anaheim this weekend.  Working out of the Greater Los Angeles Writers Society booth, I had to pitch to passers-by, trying to interest them in my books.  I started asking people that walked by what they like to read.  Some said they didn’t have time or interest in reading–which is sad on a whole lot of levels.  On the other-hand, many others of all ages expressed a great interest in books.  They not only listened as I spoke about Midland and Bloodline, but also shared the books that have most inspired them.  I also had a long discussion with a young man who not only talked about books he liked, but also shared how he was trying to break into the music industry, just like my older son.  All of this, in turn, really inspired me: to keep writing, and also keep reaching out to readers.  After all, without readers, a writer’s work is only half done.


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