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Bloodline’s Cover Art

The final cover art for Bloodline was completed by the amazing Cinsearea Santiago.  Let me know what you think.


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Bloodline signed by Damnation Books

Great news–Bloodline, my horror/thriller novel, was just signed by Damnation Books!   I have alot of passion about Bloodline for several reasons.  First, I love the characters and action.  Second, it provides a new take on the vampire myth.

In Bloodline there are monsters amongst us.  Not things with fangs, pointed ears or claws, or any other Hollywood invention.  No, these monsters have blended in, assimilating into society while still keeping to shadow and darkness. What better place for them to hide then under the neon lights of Las Vegas.  They are strong.  They are ruthless, and now they own the Eclipse Hotel.

Thomas Gage has worked at the Eclipse for years, diligently laboring at the front desk until one evening fate brings him to the attention of the hotel’s owner.  Seduced with money and power, Thomas is drawn into their brutal world, functioning as their daylight emissary while protecting their dark secrets.  He lives an idyllic and privileged life until fate turns, luck changes, and their brutal and vengeful attention becomes focused on him.

Ultimately, Thomas is pitted in a bitter struggle with not only his life but the lives of several others hanging in the balance.   From its action driven beginning in a Vegas night club, through the violence and carnage that accompany the construction and lavish opening of a new hotel, to the fiery climax high atop a hotel tower, this story balances thrilling action, suspense and drama while intertwining themes of relationships: mentor to protégé, father to son, and brother to sister.  Bloodline will draw you in, and maybe, make you think twice about your next Vegas vacation.

No publication date is set as of yet, but I figure it will be sometime mid summer.  As I get closer to publication, I’ll post more information.


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Review of Midland by Paranormal Romance Guild

A review of Midland has been posted by Paranormal Romance Guild.   You can find both the review and their website at the following link: http://www.paranormalromanceguild.com/reviewsscottalanwad.htm.   The full review follows:


Book:  Midland

Author:  Scott Alan Wade

Publisher:  Eternal Press

Genre:  Sci/Fi – Zombies

Rating:  YA

It has been ten years since the zombie apocalypse left the human race in shambles.  At night they come out, and humans lock themselves behind closed doors praying they make it through another alive.

Fifteen year old Sam, her twin brothers, her little sister, and her parents moved out of town to live in the mountains, where they hoped it would be safe.  Taking whatever they would need to set up a farm where they could live off the land, they made it to a place they called Midland Mesa.  Things started out well until her father died. Now her mother is very ill and dying.  Sam is now the adult and has to provide for and protect her siblings while trying her best to help her mother.

When all possible means of curing her mother fail, Sam makes a very dangerous decision. She will go to town and find medicine.  The night before she leaves, zombies attack and nearly kill her and one of her brothers.  Knowing she is leaving her young siblings on their own, Sam takes a horse and some food and heads for town.  She only has a map her father once drew for her. She has lived most of her life on the farm and only ventured into town once with her father when medicine was needed.

When she makes it to their nearest neighbor, people who also moved to the mountain like her family, she discovers everyone gone.  All she can do at this point is pray her family stays safe until she returns, and that she will find the medicine that will save her mother’s life.  Sam has no idea what she will be facing when she gets to town. All she has are some guns, which would save her if she were only fighting a few zombies. Unfortunately, there are always large groups travelling together.

In town, Sam discovers that there are no medicines available, everything has been taken.  Determined not to let that get her down, she heads out to find another place that may have what she needs.  It is while she is searching that she comes across Brandon Warner.  Brandon and his friend were driving a jeep when the car turned over, leaving Brandon’s friend dead and Brandon injured.  He informs Sam that he lives in a big box club with others, including his sister Ally.  There is food and medicine at the club, which he assures her they will share.  The only problem is the leader of this group, Priestly, is a power hungry young man who will not hesitate to get what he wants one way or another.

Before long Sam realizes that other than Brandon and Ally, she cannot trust the others and she couldn’t be more right.  Priestly has no intention of letting Sam go or giving her medicine and her only choice is to escape.  With Brandon and Ally’s help, she makes it out of the Club with Priestly and his gang right behind them.  Now Sam, Brandon and Ally are not just fighting zombies, but also a group of people who are determined to get them back. Can Brandon, Ally and Sam get away?  Can Sam find medicine to save her mother or is it already too late?  If Sam makes it back to the farm will she find her family safe?

I have read other zombie books, but I must say this one was amazing.  The tension and suspense leave you on the edge of your seat.  It isn’t often that a writer can get me so absorbed that I can’t put the book down until I find out what happens.  Sam is an exceptional young girl and brave beyond belief.  At fifteen, she has the responsibility that most adults would not be able to handle.  The end also left me surprised, but why I won’t say.  I highly recommend this book. It definitely has the WOW factor.

Reviewed by:   Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

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Review of Midland by Tome Tender

Tome Tender has posted their review of Midland, my Young-Adult paranormal romance.  The entire review is posted below, but please take the time to check our their blog, including all of the other reviews and interviews.   I’d like to thank Dianne and the fine folks at Tome Tender for taking the time to review Midland.  The Midland review is posted at the following address:  http://tometender.blogspot.com/2013/08/midland-by-scott-alan-wade.html

by Scott Alan Wade

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

You see the words “fresh take”or “unique take” and you can picture a book you felt that way about, right?  There are certain plots with hooks that reel you in and keep you reading, hanging out the Do NOT Disturb sign and for me, without a doubt, Midland by Scott Alan Wade takes the zombie apocalypse where no one has gone before!  Many of the remaining humans left alive have scattered and the survivors have clustered together, some remaining in shadows of the big cities, others becoming like the pioneers of old, starting over from scratch, living on isolated farms, traveling by horseback,  farming  the land.  There is no electricity, no rambling homes, life for them has essentially reverted to the days of the old West where the days are long and the work is hard.  Families raise their children with stories of how it used to be, when there was electricity, phones, everything we take for granted, because honestly, I can’t imagine life without my Kindles!  Fifteen-year-old Sam has had to take the world on her shoulders after the death of her father and the almost certain death of her mother, who is gravely ill.  Then there are the zombies who could attack their isolated farm at any time and it’s up to Sam and her younger siblings to fend them off or die.  Sam knows her mother’s only chance to recover lies with her as she decides to travel to one of the cities she has heard about in search of medicine.  Naive to the world and its treachery, Sam must face the unknown with only her grit, determination and the skills she has been taught. 

Looking for a strong young heroine to be amazed by?  Meet Sam, who talks and acts like a girl out of a different time, who thinks fast, acts fast and gives all she has to save not only those she loves, but even some who may not deserve it, leaving them to their own fates.  Author Scott Alan Wade unleashed his imagination and creative talent in this fast-paced, post-apocalyptic adventure that carries just a hint of young romance mixed into the danger that comes from humans and zombies alike.  His writing flows along with great attention to detail as he builds the look and feel of two worlds fighting to survive in their own way.  Be prepared to feel the dust of the trails and the hard concrete remains of Sin City and decide where you would rather fight for survival and for your humanity!

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A great new review of Midland!

The voracious readers at Crystals Many Reviews posted the following review of Midland yesterday.  Quite frankly, I was blown away.  You can find the review at the following website:  http://crystalsmanyreviews.blogspot.com/2013/07/midland-by-scott-alan-wade.html

Sara’s Review:

I didn’t really know what to expect when I picked up Midland.  There are so many zombie apocalypse stories out there right now that they tend to meld together.  However, Midland was, I thought, excellent…and original in its characters and plot.  It felt like a zombie western to me.
In this novel we meet Sam.  She has been living in the desert, in a mesa top farm, with her family, caring for her mother and younger siblings.  She’s not you’re normal 15 year old, as she’s been hardened by the role she’s been forced to take.  She decides that she must go into town to find medicine for her mother, and this is where the adventure begins.  Suffice to say, Sam is a total badass.  If there were a zombie apocalypse, I would totally follow her anywhere.  I would put Sam in the same badass category as Katniss Everdeen.  She’s the female YA version of Daryl Dixon.  She rules.  I love her.  Complicated, tough and well-written female heroines are hard to come across, in my experience.   She is awesome.
This book has it all – horror, a little bit of romance, adventure.  What really carries this story, however, is Scott’s writing style.  It’s fluid and easy to follow, and it keeps you on the edge of your seat.  There were parts that I literally found myself holding my breath or grasping my blanket tightly.   I could not put this book down from the first chapter, and by the end – when I was finally able to breathe again – I had a smile on my face.  I give this book 4.5 stars; it is easily one of my favorites this year.
Wow!  Comparing Sam Grace, the lead character from Midland, to Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games.  Or even to Daryl Dixon, the cross bow-welding anti-hero from The Walking Dead.  Big shoes to fill, but Sam can do it.
Again, thanks to Sara and Crystal.  I hope to post further reviews shortly.
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Midland Featured at San Diego Comic Con

Midland, my paranormal romance is being featured at The Zombie Apocalypse Store at San Diego’s Comic Con 2013.  The Zombie Apocalypse Store is located at the undead infested Haunted Hotel on Market Street.

Visit them at http://www.zombieapocalypse.com.

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Misc. Ramblings

Please check out the new interview by Leanna Harrow. The lovely Leanna, a gifted author, has captured a number of ramblings and thoughts from an interview with me. While her head may still hurt from some of my answers, I think you’ll enjoy it. While you’re there, stay for the wonder that is Leanna’s world. Find the interview at her web site: http://authorteasereadings.wordpress.com/

Also, on my short story page of my blog, I’ve included a background story based on the characters in Midland. Enjoy.  You can find it at this address: http://scottwadebooks.com

Scott Alan Wade